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19. 2008 - Rome to England - ship Grand Princess



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In May we went on a romantic cruise. It started in Rome . In 1969 we visited Rome during our very first trip together. But this time we went by boat.

On the way to the Vatican we visited the Castle of Saint Angelo , a papal palace with a pretty, green loggia in the upper section - we were surprised - knowing that it once had been an Imperial Roman mausoleum. Our architectural pilgrimage led us to Richard Meyer's Ara Pacis, an altar for Emperor Augustus. It was now shielded by a beautiful white building where an exhibition featured small loudspeakers swaying like poppy pods in the wind, accompanied by exotic Brian Eno music.

From Rome we traveled on to Santiago de Compostela. It had been a scheduled port of call on a cruise two years ago, but we never made it, having been rerouted by a storm in the Bay of Biscayne . Now, after much anticipation, it was a great pleasure to finally have arrived, and we even had a chance to witness the famous incense ceremony in the cathedral.



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